I am doing my usual blogging thing now, where I am the only one in my near vicinity with my computer out. Right now, that vicinity is the food court in a mall in Bratislava.
I also just continued with my apparent quest to bring the practice of food pics to Europe. I’ve undergone a fair amount of teasing by both Germans and Austrians the past few days for that. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with my documentation of the Bryndzové halusky and pirohy combination plate that I just certainly ate way too quickly. Despite how full I am, the bubble tea across the way is taunting me a bit, but I think I will save myself for some Slovakian sweets later on…
I’m going to stand up soon to hopefully avoid any debilitating food coma, but side note: I spent the train ride here (from Vienna) speaking to a man from Bulgaria who had never met anyone from the US before. I am so curious how I might have (or not at all) influenced his perceptions about the US—it felt like a big role to take on (says a narcissistic, traveling 20 year-old).
P1011513 (1).jpg
Well, that was a very solid day and five pounds gained in Slovakia. Now on the train to Budapest, my last stop before going back to New York on Friday. About to read up on what to eat there….

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