Ljubljana Main Station

I am super behind on blogging, which my parents reminded me of during a birthday video chat for my father. I was reminded again of that right now, as I am experiencing my first frustrating train stuff in days. Apparently, there is nothing quite like a delayed train to motivate me to blog.
Quick recap:
I wrote half of a post on the way from Munich to Rovereto. Since then, I’ve traveled from Rovereto to Riva del Garda to Lago di Ledro (back to Rovereto) to Verona and then Trieste (all Italy), and finally, a new country and Ljubljana.
Now it’s almost midnight, and I’m sitting on platform 8 of the Ljubljana Main Station waiting for a train that is delayed by 23 minutes. We planned to have a 16 minute connection in Villach, Austria at around 1 a.m. to arrive in Vienna tomorrow by 8. Thanks to the handy Eurail Train Planner app, I’ve now discovered that there is in fact a different option that would be fine: Take this train a few stops further (in the wrong direction)—to Salzburg rather than Villach, and then take a train that would still arrive in Vienna before 8.
I would like to continue with my train frustrations talking about how this all would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that reservations are compulsory are some parts of these journeys, but I can’t tell when they are compulsory for all passengers and when just for Eurail/Interail pass holders and during what sections of the journey they require a reservation and whether we’ll get kicked off or be fined or be fine if we don’t have a reservation or if I should just spend the whole ride hiding in the bathroom and why couldn’t the women at the train station in Italy able to make us a reservation on an Italian train even though she tried her very best to do so even though at this point that doesn’t matter because we very likely won’t make that train connection anyway?
But, all that stuff doesn’t seem like very fun to read, so, some  tidbits about the trip because I don’t think I can do real sentences right now:
  • Small town, but apparently there is a castel every ~200 m in Italy
  • I think the benches in front of a fountain are the same ones as those on the Highline in NYC
  • Free hostel breakfast with fruit???
Riva del Garda:
  • Where the Italian surfers go, I think
  • It was 100% not our fault that we missed our bus—the women working at the tourist information point told us the completely wrong stop! (Thanks to second women who corrected this, and then we got a private ride in a van meant to take “trekkers and bikers” up to Lago di Ledro; we had no bikes)
Lago di Ledro:
  • Italian Lake Tahoe maybe but no motorized boats
  • A nice 10 km around despite some smushed peaches
  • Left my headphones on a beach 😔
  • Bus rides aren’t that bad
  • Airbnb host made sure Marvin and I both knew that woman are the most important part of a family; just by looking at me, he could tell I am a “good woman”
  • Of course pouring rain after a long determination of whether to get exhausted pizza but pizza was good
  • Trying to explain NU sorority life to Germans is hard
  • And then some leftover pizza to accompany Airbnb-provided packaged croissants and biscuits (among other things) for breakfast
  • Roofs are pretty
  • Casa di Giuletta = casa di tourists
  • Did everybody hate us when we went for a run through the city center at 11 p.m. on a Friday night or were they just super jealous of our athletic capabilities??
  • Bigger city than I thought but still clearly some classic, Italian culture (in addition to Austria-Hungarian, Slovenian, etc.)
  • Don’t get tricked into sitting down when you get espresso because you have to pay 50 cents for that
  • Great seafood tartines in a restaurant filled with booked and cool lamps and maybe we accidentally transported to Brooklyn
P1011464 (1).jpg
Villa Opicina:
  • I made a visit to the out-of-place coop supermarket nestled into a quaint border town to buy olives and wine ~juice boxes
  • I also think I wandered down an out of bounds hall in the tiny train station and saw some cool controls
  • Literally have no idea what I thought Slovenia was like, but not this (maybe the small villages and cows I saw on the train ride here?)
  • So European and center is all pedestrianized and Green Capital of the World 2016, and I dig it all
  • Got a city bikeshare account for the week (only here one day) for 1 euro—a year’s subscription would’ve cost 3 euros  (@NYCCitibike, watcha doin???)
  • Spent about 3 hours in the morning looking for an appropriate restaurant, and finally settled on some yummy, gooey, greasy, Slovenian pastries (and later, tried some exotic meat and seafood for dinner)
  • And great cake (tbh, so happy to be far beyond the pathetic German cake game)
  • Shout out to our Airbnb host who let us have the room for a whole extra day




Not possible to buy train reservations on trains. Slept for three hours on the floor of the train station in Villach, Austria.


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