Munich & Rovereto

I just survived a night train (or perhaps more impressive, three trains in the night) to arrive at the Munich Hauptbahnhof, wandered about a mile to a market where I thought vendors might be a bit alive maybe at 7 a.m., said hi to a few truck drivers delivering the goods, then used my Yelp expertise to find a cafe shop open before 8. I am now sipping the best latte machiatto of my life as I sit outside this clearly diehard coffee person cafe. Also, the second (German!) person this morning who walked by just said “morgen” to me with a smile, so I must be doing something right?…
But yeah—after yesterday’s train mishegas that caused me to lose half a day in Berlin, I was honestly quite surprised that last night’s trip went so seamlessly—and that I even got like six hours of sleep!!
Hahaha, and now it is a bit later, but I totally stopped writing once I found out that a Wifi hotspot works here.
**Correction: the people were saying hi to the owner of the coffee shop, not me :(.
My 7 hours in Munich ended up quite nicely. Mediocre Bavarian food but good beer, and honestly I think a lot of the city seen after 9 miles of walking (thanks, iPhone ‘Health’ app)—even if an amount of it was in circles waiting for my travel companion’s train to arrive.
Now, I have entered the world of un-airconditioned trains—Italy. I suppose the hot train (and hostel) thing should be worth it, although we do have at least 3 hours of buses and another hour or so on previously-mentioned hot train  planned for tomorrow.

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