Szczecin & Pasewalk

Well, I just really messed up my plan of eating in breakfast in Poland—100% just to say that I took a train to Poland for breakfast, for sure. After last-minute running to the correct Berlin train station to catch a train to Szczecin Poland, I didn’t think I could make the 1 h 43 min train ride without some sustenance. I’ve been trying to eat a bit healthier to phase myself back into real life soon, but when the train grocery store was still closed, I went to a bakery next door to buy myself a fried fish sandwich. Because protein.
So yes, I am on my way to Szczecin right now. This is a day trip I wavered back and forth over for a very long time. Most of the internet says it’s not worth it, apart from a few diehard wanderlusters—potentially like me. And certainly, three days in Berlin is not enough to see everything. But neither is four. Plus, I am also trying to make the most out of my unlimited train pass, and I recently rerouted my trip from mostly Eastern Europe to mostly Italy.
So, the guy in the hostel bunk below me’s incredible snoring this morning at 5 a.m. did indeed push me over the edge… and over the border (hahaha it’s still too early please help me).
Despite the less luxurious amenities given that this is a regional train, I believe I will try to sleep. I must practice sleeping on trains given that I am taking a night train to Munich tonight. Will tell y’all how Poland was on the train ride home. And in the meantime, I will annoy the people cramped in the seat next to me by getting up for the third time to put my computer away and grab my headphones….
Well, that was 100% worth it. Szczecin is one of the most liberal cities in Loland, and with its location it has lots of German influence. So, I didn’t expect how much crossing the border would feel like entering a different world.

Both that brief  introduction to Eastern Europe or the pierogies by themselves could’ve made that half-day trip worth it.
My beautiful, substantial pierogies lunch, by the way, cost about $1.25.
In fact, I occupied myself for the majority of my 3 hours in Szczecin figuring out how to spend the equivalent of $20 I took out of the ATM. After two grocery store trips (first one for fun, second one literally to spend my money on real food provisions I’ll eat this week), lunch, and multiple bakeries later, I failed. In retrospect, I should have like bought some clothes or something at the mall I visited for a tid bit. Just trying not to acquire so many things at this point in my life…. (Like, the grocery store apples will be gone in a day or so.)
So DAMMIT, because just as I was finishing up describing my perfect morning, I screwed up. I got off my train to change two minutes early, and ended up Pasewalk Ost instead of Pasewalk. The next train to Berlin is now in two hours. So much for my morning in Poland and then afternoon visiting more of the Berlin Biennial and visiting a Turkish market before embarking on my train to Munich. I suppose I should just be thankful for the internet and the fact that I will still make it on my train to Munich no problem (just without seeing any more of Berlin…) and that this cake that I so don’t want right now (still quite stuffed from my food adventures in Szczecin) was only a euro, and that this cafe is providing me with cover from the rain and an outlet to charge my electronic devices.
Well, I suppose that it serves me right that just as I rub it in everybody’s faces that I made the 100% best choice with my daytrip, something gets messed up… And, in the grand scheme of things, I suppose this two hours of my life in Pasewalk can be rectified later….
What I should really do now as I sit in this charmingly maritime-themed cafe in middle-of-nowhere Germany without any wifi is work on the Powerpoint that I need to finish for Annegret. But also I have so many hours on a train tonight. And I’m tired….
Bad cake, by the way.

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