Mittwoch (8!!)

Today I read a book called European and International Experiences of Strategic Environmental Assessment for 7 more-or-less straight hours. And it was really interesting. And what I learned/what it recapped for me made me feel confident that I have been understanding and processing and making diagrams out of the words I’ve read on the computer screen for the past 8 weeks correctly.

But really, perhaps the greatest indicator of my progress and productivity today is that I only spent around 30 minutes of those more-or-less 7 hours today staring at Google Maps and getting frustrated by Airbnb (planning the upcoming weeks’ travels…).

But then I ruined it all by having flammkuchen for the very first time tonight. I have definitely made some huge mistakes (tofu and salad for dinner) over the past 8 weeks….

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.16.28 PM.png

(Sadler, B., & Dusík, J., 2016)


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