Montag (8!)

Well, it’s my last week in Hamburg, and I only want to cry a lot when I think about that. So obviously, to distract myself from the missing-this-place crying, I am sitting on the floor of my room (glass cleaned up 100%, don’t worry) crying at Orange is the New Black.

But also let’s just take a minute to note that I’m still only on the 8th episode of the new season, which just totals up my television-watching time in Germany to a little under 8 hours. In a little under 8 weeks. Proof I enjoyed it here, I suppose. Or that I just work a lot?…

And P.S. to everybody who keeps telling me to watch and listen to things (@Liza @Austin), that’s really probably not going to happen any time soon.

P.P.S. Also did some things yesterday include bike across a bunch of bridges and flea market and drink coffee on top of an old bunker, but I also had stayed up until the Fischmarkt Sunday morning, so I chose to sleep instead of blog in the evening time….




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