I’ve been getting a bit nervous about traveling alone for the week and a half after my internship ends: Will I be lonely? What will I do each day besides eat and museum? And what will I do each day besides eat once I spend too much money on museums? Will I begin talking to myself?
After my day-trip today to Schwerin and Lüneburg, I can confidently assure you that the answer to that last question is yes. However, in addition to me noticing myself talking to myself today, at numerous points I also found my mouth gaping open as I laughed of joy to myself as I looked at some… cool shit. I have have confidence in what my future travels bring….
Examples of the cool shit below:
In Schwerin –
A bouncy castle in front of a real castle
A bride in the pouring rain with a rainbow umbrella underneath an arch in the schlossgarten, which I viewed from a window above
Pre-made salads for 69 cents at Edeka
In Lüneburg –
A tiny, dark tunnel with a creepy creepy figurine mining (?) salt in the salt museum
A viewpoint where you can see how one section of the town has subsided ~5 feet due to the salt mining
A child sitting in front of a picture-perfect ice cream sundae
When I didn’t smile and laugh to myself today:
When there was an option to take either an ICE or regional train from Lüneburg back to Hamburg at 17:58. I got on the ICE train because it would arrive 4 minutes sooner. But after sitting on the ICE train for 10 minutes, we were told that it was not going farther. I sat on the ground for a bit waiting for the next (slower) train to Hamburg (and wrote that in present tense at that point but soon got up because of what you’re about to read), before learning that train would be delayed 25 minutes. So, I looked up other trains to Hamburg and ran across the station (with a herd of fellow travelers, of course) to catch a train that was also meant to leave at 18:32 but would be even slower. Then, after sitting on that train for 10 minutes, another lucky train conductor got the fortune of telling me and my herd that there were technical problems on that train too, and it also wouldn’t be going any farther. BUT THE TRAIN I AM CURRENTLY ON (the one that was delayed 25 minutes) JUST STARTED MOVING SO YAY.
I suppose I didn’t suffer too horribly, except the secret birthday person I might have bought some present chocolates for today may suffer a bit, too…. (I only stress-ate a few of the chocolates before I decided that my hunger was legitimate enough to some good ‘ole protein and preservatives and sulfites in the form of an ‘XXL wurstsnack’)
P.S. I’m really sleep deprived.

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