Hot Yoga (2)

I’m writing this as I dry off from bikram yoga because I didn’t have an extra towel to bring with me to shower after the class. Nonetheless, the class was good again today–until about 75 minutes of the way through when I saw a horrible gash on the arm of the yogi next to me. Then reverted back to my just-trying-not-to-barf hot yoga experience. But also, I bought a 20 euro introductory 10-day special, now I’ve gone twice, and I believe 10 euros is a totally reasonable price for a class. So, this will also probably be the last post with the word “bikram” anywhere in it.
Today Annegret was conducting an interview in Berlin, so I worked from home this morning. Which was totally fine–until I broke a glass on the ground (my workspace). I then lost the next hour or so of worth stressing out about whether there were pieces left on the floor.
Things did start to go uphil then when I gave up and met Jordan for lunch at Isemarkt, apparently the largest open air farmers market in Europe? I definitely call bullshit on that, but it was still a cool market with a cool set up: The market is a > 1 km strip underneath the train. I got some solid herring, cherry pie, and reineclauden.
As I biked back home, it began to pour, so I did a quick Yelp of coffee shops with free wifi nearby, and the closest thing that popped up was actually a cafe at the University of Hamburg. I never found the cafe, but I hung out next to their mensa at a standing desk (woohoo) to do another few hours of work.
I guess I will leave here now despite my not-yet-dry state to possibly catch the end of the lesbian pride parade tonight. Tchüss!

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